Once Upon… a second, third, fourth time! The Power of Narration in the Stories we share.

This Keynote is based on the Winning Speech presented at Speaker Slam’s Grand Slam in December 2021. Through different stories, I will demonstrate that our narratives impact how we interpret the events that happen to us.

Education and health care providers would benefit from this keynote, as would companies wishing to redefine their mission statements.

Becoming Wonder Wheel Woman: How my disability made me a better mom & person.

Based on my upcoming book, this keynote showcases how disability is often misunderstood, leading to biaises, stereotypes and discrimination.

Professional and Disability Associations would be interested in this keynote as I interweave advocacy, strategies of how I adapted to my status of mom with a disability, with my knowledge and clinical and research experience working with parents with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Companies would benefit also as I can present relevant information pertaining to work-life balance and accessibility and inclusion in the work force.

Educators and schools would benefit as I can select stories around advocacy, inclusion, accessibility and bullying prevention.

A Legacy built on GRIT: What a failing grade in high school, an 8000 pieces puzzle and a gruesome process through rehabilitation have in common.

This keynote showcases the concept of Legacies. Using a story of a failing grade in High School, I introduce the concept of Legacies being passed down to us through our childhood.

Being intentional in how we live by and what we want to leave behind as Legacies is composed of a series meaningful acts that we choose and reassess on a regular basis through our Life.

Marjorie with son

We are stronger than we think! The secret tool that helped me bounce back after sustaining a spinal cord injury

Becoming paraplegic was not the only injury I sustained in my 2012 car accident. Unforseeable at first, I became severely depressed five years later when I realized I could no longer sustain the life I had been accustomed to. 

Years later I was still in a very dark place until I learned about positive psychology and the science of character strengths. In providing me with different vocabulary and allowing me to see my stories with a wider perspective, I was able to re-narrate my stories of adversities and re-calibrate my life.